Monday 20 January 2014

We have started our research after Shiites in the Low Countries in December 2012. This idea came forth from an earlier cooperation in which we researched something closely related to this, and of which an excerpt has been published in an Islam special of Begrip: Moslims-Christenen (Understanding: Muslims-Christians) last year.

This research looks at the construction of identity among young Dutch and Belgian Shiites via both a quantitative- as a qualitative approach. Background information is given about normative Shiite Islam, demographic numbers of Shiites in the Netherlands and Belgium, imaging about Muslims, and identity construction. Core themes are religion, ethnicity, and citizenship.

Key words: Shiite Islam, identity, youth, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, Low Countries, Netherlands, Belgium

Belgium, citizenship, ethnicity, identity, Low Countries, Netherlands, religion, Shiite Islam, youth

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