Towards a European Islam
European Islam or Islam in Europe?

SUMMARY: This paper is a completely and thoroughly revised version of a few paragraphs that dealt with the question whether we should speak of a European Islam or an Islam in Europe from the Master’s thesis “Shiites in the Low Countries. Religiosity, Ethnicity, and Citizenship.” Different visions on the term and subject ‘European Islam’ are described briefly in this work, as are the ‘tools’ and methods that Sunnite and Shiite scholars use to create jurisprudence (fiqh). The Shiite uṣūl al fiqh, or ‘roots of jurisprudence,’ differs on some crucial points from the traditional Sunnite method, offering openings in the debate and search for an indigenous European Islam.

vrijdag 13 november 2015

If water stands still it spoils, and if it is spoiled it will make the trees that drink from it sick, and subsequently the fruits they bear.

– ayatollah Sayyid Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad

In research within the field of Islamic Studies, and especially with a focus on Islam in the West, the question is raised whether we can speak of a ‘European Islam’ or rather an ‘Islam in Europe.’ Obviously, this question applies to all Western non-Muslim countries where large Muslim communities are present and not just the continent Europe, i.e. a Dutch Islam, a French Islam, an American Islam et centers. In Eastern Europe, like for example the Balkans and Turkey, a European Islam exists for centuries. The same does not apply for more Western countries with fairly new migrant communities. From both academic approaches such as religious studies, and sociological and anthropological works, and from the side of Muslim academic thinkers  like for example Tariq Ramadan, this question is raised and examined, however, not yet answered satisfactory to my conviction. The pros and cons of different methodologies are not always looked into, neither the role of the sitting Islamic scholars on how Islam is perceived by contemporary Western Muslims.

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